Photography Ideas


Photography Ideas.


Are you always struggling to find new ideas for your photography? Well I wanted to share with you some information I stumbled upon while surfing the internet that will not only help develop your own photography ideas but produce some amazing photo’s that you thought were not possible.

This information is an online video course that contains over 9 hours of videos and an eBook  that not only broaden my photography but will yours also. You have the opportunity to further develop your own photography ideas from this course.

You may not know that there are many areas of photography from light painting, HDR, bokeh, levitation photography, landscape, long exposure and night time photography to name a few.  Being able to focus on new photography ideas at times can often present a challenging task though this can be reduced when we take the time to learn and develop new skills in different areas of photography.

Do you prefer to use your automatic settings on your DSLR? I use to always used the automatic settings that were on my DSLR camera until I came across Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd edition. ( Get more detailed here about trick photography and special effects 2nd edition). This is an excellent resource that you will not only learn from but will give you the ability to develop your own creativity and photography ideas.

Did you know that there are no concrete rules with photography. I always thought that you always had a set of rules but as I worked through the book I started to come up with my own photography ideas and build on what I was learning, and you can too. It has never been easier to learn more about your DSLR and develop your own ideas while learning the following:





You can skip the years and months of searching for all this information and experiment with your creativity by learning new and different techniques even if you are a beginner seeking to be more creative with your photo’s..






Did you think  like I always thought that these effects and tricks were mysterious and for professional photographers only. I found that an amateur, a hobbyist, or even if you are a beginner to photography you are capable of learning these basic techniques very effectively. It will bring a new creativity that you probably have never thought about or considered.


My next question was, could I do this with a DSLR camera and on a shoe string budget?  The answer is “yes I could and yes I have” and you can too! I never needed an expensive DSLR, chances are if you already have a DSLR you can achieve those amazing photo’s with the wow factor.  It really impresses your friends, family and co-workers.


I really had it all wrong, not all effects are achieved with post editing software. There are photo’s that you can easily achieve effects with without the use of software. I didn’t believe it at first but you can easily create creative photo’s that people look twice at.


Photography Ideas Sparkler Light Painting

Sparkler Light Painting


CLICK HERE What is included in Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition.


Steel  Wool Photography Ideas

Steel Wool Light Painting Long Exposure Road



Have you ever wondered how to do or how could you possibly learn how to do light painting or levitation photography thinking this is just too difficult, but with the right guidance it is simpler than I thought. The most difficult part was moving out of my comfort zone using the automatic settings that came with my DSLR. How easy point and shoot, could I really learn and utilize manual settings on my camera? Yes and you can too.

Learning the techniques has never been easier with a step by step eBook with 291 pages, but to compliment that over 9 hours of online video content.  Once explained the simplicity is unbelievable.


How I Got Started!

I bought Trick Photography & Special Effects”, it was the easiest way to get started and a worthwhile investment. It is a comprehensive guide that covers many areas of photography tricks and special effects. It has been specially designed for people who want to learn more about the tricks of photography or special effects.  

If you are a beginner to photography and looking for more ideas to be creative and for something that offers originality and to be able to develop individually this course is well worth looking at.  This course has plenty to offer for photography ideas for family also with the aspect as doing light painting and also learning about and implementing special effects and developing skills with post editing software.


Multiplicity Clones

Multiplicity Clones


Have you ever considered utilizing high dynamic range (HDR) to enhance your photo’s and give them a uniqueness that stands out from the rest. High dynamic range is excellent for landscape photography.

Children can also create interesting photographs like light painting these tricks and special effects are not only for adults.


CLICK HERE go directly to the Official Website of Trick Photography & Special Effects.


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